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Trabzon , Turkey

Trabzon Tour

The Price :    25.00
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Duration :   8 Hours
Start Location:   Trabzon

Trabzon is a city situated on the Black Sea coastline. Its natural beauty, azure waters, lush forests and waters are the key factor that make this city incredibly unique. Our Trabzon tour offers you the perfect opportunity to experience all of this magnificent region of Turkey. From beautiful natural sights to historic sites, this is a tour you wouldn’t want to miss!


  • Learn about this important religious and trading center
  • Enjoy the tour with transport – entrance fees and professional guide included
  • Explore sights in and around Trabzon such as Hagia Sophia, the Atatürk Mansion, and Lake Sera with a private driver
  • Enjoy a delicious local meal


We’ll pick you up from your hotel between 09:00 – 09:30 AM

Trabzon city tour has an approximate duration of 8 hours and is subject to change (weather, traffic, etc.)


Our Trabzon tour will begin in the morning as you are picked up from your hotel in Trabzon. Your city tour will take place in the beautiful city of Trabzon, nestled in green forested mountains and sitting on the Black Sea.

A highlight of your city exploration will be when you visit the Aya Sofya Mosque. The sister monument to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, it offers a fantastic tour displaying artifacts from the history of the Black Sea region. As you travel through the city you will visit some of the best heritage sites, which include Ataturk’s Villa. This home was the favored place to stop when the founder of modern Turkey visited the region.

Following your time in the city, you will head to Boztepe Hill. Standing above the city is a park on the top of the hill where you can take a guided tour of the hilltop. As you walk, you will view the bright colors of the city contrasting against the backdrop of the Black Sea. This location will provide the perfect opportunity for you to take photos of the breathtaking views.

Following this wonderful park you will head to Sera Lake, where you will enjoy an unusual body of water which was created artificially through the rocks which naturally found their way to the water’s edge. Before you return to your hotel, you will have one last chance to do some shopping in Trabzon’s famous shopping centers.

The tour is going to finish at about 17:00 or 18:00 at the agreed spot. Your professional tour guide and the driver will do their best for you to have an unforgettable excursion.

Places You’ll See :

1Hagia Sophia (Trabzon)
2Ataturk Mansion
3Sera Lake

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Hagia Sophia - Trabzon

The counterpart to the Mosque in Istanbul, it was also built by during the Byzantine era however the Hagia Sofia in Trabzon is once again a place of worship. Built between 1238 and 1263 during the reign of Manuel I of Trebizond, an empire that consisted of lands from Trabzon and other areas on the black sea and other places around the eastern shore of the Black Sea. In 1584 it was converted to be used as a mosque for the local Muslims to pray in grandeur. During World War I the town saw occupation by the Russian Military, as it was one of the largest buildings it was used as a temporary hospital and depot. After the war had finished it was returned and reused as a mosque, however, this was a short time as in 1964 it was turned into a museum as a way for visitors to learn about the past. In 2012 religious authorities gained the right to convert it back to a mosque for active prayer, to maintain the frescos and make it comfortable for religious observers they were veiled and the floor carpeted.

Ataturk Pavilion Museum

Ataturk is the founder of the Turkish Republic in 1934 and 1937. The palace is located 7 km from the city center of Trabzon. Within the palace, the things Ataturk used during his visit are displayed and you can enjoy the peace the forest provides as well as the different colors of flowers found in the palace garden. The palace consists of three floors and overlooks a group of attractive gardens. Which is unique in its wonderful designs. In addition, it contains a group of antique furniture that was used in it since the beginning of the 21st century.

Boztepe Trabzon Tea Garden

Boztepe district is 3 km from Trabzon city center, it is located directly above Trabzon Square. Where you can reach it in an easy and very convenient way. Also, Boztepe offers you a wonderful view that combines the entire city. And the sea also due to its higher altitude than the rest of the areas. You can enjoy the view with your cup of tea every morning is unique to you in this wonderful city.

Sera Lake

In the Trabzon region there are no large rivers, however, there are 4 lakes that are well known. One of these is the stunning Sera Lake, found southeast of Trabzon. This beautiful natural lake is nestled among mountains giving it a peaceful feel. Those who wish to explore the lakesides can rent a bicycle and follow paths that encircle the lake and head into the hills around for amazing views.

What's Included

  • Entrance fees
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Professional Guide
  • Transportation in A/C vehicles

What's Excluded

  • Beverages
  • Tipping (Optional)


  • Family Friendly
  • Historical Tour
  • Small Group Tour

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