Red Valley – 4 km hiking in nature and visit of cave church, Cavusin Village ,free time to explore the abandoned cave village, Kaymakli Underground City, Pigeon Valley.

Meskendir Valley

You will get to stretch your legs on a casual walk through the Meskendir Valley. The valley houses a small church which has a ceiling that has been carved out into a cross formation that is adorned in geometric red frescos. After visiting the church and having a taste of history enjoy the small stroll through the valley that is a cool escape from the dry landscape surrounding you.

Rose Valley

Rose Valley is located behind the town of Urgup, but what makes it so interesting to most visitors and locals alike are all the walking tracks within the valley that link up all near by villages and small settlements. There are scattered vineyards and gardens throughout the valley and it is always possible to see the locals still working who will give you a taste of their produce should you be lucky enough to walk past them.

Red Valley

The valley gets its name – Red Valley – from the layers and layers of different coloured rock formations that give it a predominant red colour. The valley is scattered with many walking tracks that link up to many villages and even along to the Rose Valley. The Red Valley is beautiful to wander through, where you may feel like you have the place to yourself, but also beautiful to capture from a view point to appreciate the beautiful colour of these unusual rock layers.

Cavusin Village

Cavusin Village is a labyrinth of rock houses scattered into the rock formations that make up the town. It is one of the oldest dwellings within Cappadocia and today you will visit the village to admire the amazing feat of how the locals have dug into these rocks to create their own homes, some of which date back  many centuries. The village is also famous for housing the Church of John the Baptist which dates back to the 5th Century.

Underground City

The Christians who populated this area created these amazing underground cities when they were fleeing persecution back in the 14th Century. Some of the underground cities date back further than this and all hold an amazing moment of time from our ancient past. Be amazed at the architecture and the structure of these dwellings, which include many levels that separated the house dwellings from schools, cellars and even animal stables. Your tour guide will walk you through to show you how these people lived back in these ancient times of trying to flee and hide from persecution. You will be amazed by what you see.

Pigeon Valley

Pigeon Valley is an area of Cappadocia that the local farmers have created over the years. Local farmers used to farm pigeon manure as they realised it was a rich resource of fertiliser for their crops and soil. So all these pigeon houses have been carved into the rock faces over the centuries. You make the stop to enjoy the view over the valley and the Cappadocia region.

Panorama over Uchisar Castle

In the centre of Uchisar is one of the largest rock formations in Cappadocia – known as the Castle of Uchisar. It is the highest point over Cappadocia so  affords amazing views over the whole region and further onwards to Erciyes Mountains. It is the perfect spot to offer you all the best views over this amazing landscape of Cappadocia. A view you will never forget.

Love Valley

When you arrive at Love Valley you will see clearly why it gets its name. The rock formations here are phallic like, giving the valley the name of love. These formations have been formed over the centuries by the natural erosion of the volcanic rock. The valley is an especially unusual landscape of Cappadocia with the area being made up of cones, pillars, pinnacles, mushrooms and the well known fairy chimneys.