pamukkale tours

Pamukkale has a spectacular landscape that offers fantastic, while it is great to explore by visiting the ruins and alls. One of the unique ways of seeing what Pamukkale has to offer is to take a hot air balloon flight.

These flights last roughly one hour, where you will lower and raise in height to fully experience the beauty that the area holds. You will be given champagne to toast at the end of the flight and will have some memories that are unforgettable.

The Pamukkale Hot air balloon flight will start with pick up before sunrise between 5 am and 6 am.

Your day will begin with a buffet breakfast which will include tea, coffee and snacks. While enjoying breakfast, you will have the opportunity to take photos while watching preparation. A short safety brief will be given before boarding.

As sunrise approaches you will begin to take off, you will rise to approximately 1000 feet. The flight lasts roughly one hour, where you will float above the unforgettable landscape. As the balloon travels you will descend above the falls and ruins, where you can take amazing photographs.

Once landed and disembarked you will be given a glass of champagne to toast the experience of floating above Pamukkale.

After your unforgettable morning, you will be taken back to your hotel.