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Package Tour (Sümela, Karaca Cavee, Zigana, Hamsiköy Village)

We arrive to Sümela Monastery where is in the Altındere village’s border at Maçka district after leaving 40-45 minutes from Trabzon. While arriving to Sumela Monastery we will have a break in waterfall area and at the special balcony where you can see the all Monastery from the best position. Then we are gonna visit the Monastery and also we see Aya Varvara Church (Girls Monastery). Then we have our lunch in İvme Otel and Restaurant. After pass from Zigana Tunnel we will arrive to Karaca Cave which has the richest droop-columnar-stalagmite variation and scenic walls and lime-waterfall and we go around the cave where asthma-illnes can be relax. On the way return to Trabzon we rotate our way to historical road and we will visit Hamsiköy Village where the people organize festival of rice pudding at summer which you won’t forget about it’s flavor. After pudding and photo time we return to city center.