Sahaba Tour Istanbul | From €99

“One day, the city of Constantinople shall be conquered. What a wonderful leader will he be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!” 

Once upon a time, the Prophet Mohammed uttered these words, signaling the conquest of the Roman capital for Islam. To fulfill this prophecy, thousands of Muslims fell beneath the Walls of Constantinople and became a martyr. A great number of shrines and tombs left by these Sahabas are now located in Istanbul, waiting to tell you their a thousand year old stories.


  Tour Style : Private, Religious, Cultural, Family-Friendly.
  Duration : Full-Day. 10:00 – 16:00
  Price : €99
  Included :Transfer to/from hotel, private vehicle, entrance fees, professional English-speaking guide.
  Highlights : The Underground Mosque, Tomb of Sube Sahabei Ikr, Cabir, Eyup Mosque & Cemetery.

  • Yeralti Camii (Underground Mosque)
  • Shrine of the Conquerer & Seyh-Ul Islam
  • Shrine of Vehb Bin Huseyre
  • Tomb of Amr Bin As
  • Tomb of Sufyan Bin Uyeyne
  • Shrine of Sube (RA) Sahabe-i Kiramdan.
  • Shrine of Hafir
  • Shrine of Abdullah El-Hudri
  • Shrine of Ebu Derda
  • Shrine of Abdulsiddik Amir Ibin Same
  • Shrine of Ebu Seybetul Hudri
  • Shrine of Muhammed-Ul Ensari
  • Shrine of Ahmad El Ensari
  • Masjid of Kaap (RA)
  • Shrine of Hamidullah El Ensari
  • Shrine of Muhammed El Ensari
  • Shrine of Cabir (RA)
  • Shrine of Edhem (RA)
  • Shrine of Ebu’d Derdag
  • Eyup Sultan Mosque & Cemetery
  • Tomb of Eyyup El Ensari (RA)