Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Payments can be made in cash or by your credit card.

You can pay with TRY or any currency of your choice as long as it is convertible and has general acceptable consensus in the region.

Depending on the number of passengers, Mercedes Vito for people between 6 – 8 and Mercedes Splinter for those who are between 12 – 18.

Please notify us in case you need private vehicle or rather other types of specific requests regarding the vehicles and transportation options.

For daily tours, it is estimated to be 24 hours. However you can book the tour as late as you want. Upon booking, you will be informed regarding the availability by the customer represantative and then it will be confirmed.

For package tours, we strongly advise you to book as early as possible in order to benefit from the advantegous prices before the season arrives.

For daily tours, the refund can be made in a few hours or up to 2 days at most. For package tours, the refund time may vary on the conditions set by the agency. Your deposit is not included in the refund however for certain situation deposit can be refunded on the condition that you cancel the reservation as early as possible.

For tours that do not include things such as food, beverages and similar stuff, we recommend you to carry Turkish Lira as they might not accept foreign currency.

You message will get answered in 24 hours at most or even momentarily depending on the context of your request. We highly suggest our customers to use whatsapp platform for immediate responses.

Since we will ask for your name, international flight details, we will be able to organize picking you up from the airport, and we will inform you regarding any other necessary information related to pick up time or way.