COVID-19 Test at Your Location (PCR Test)

COVID-19 PCR Tests for International Flights are Now at your Location

Travelling to Turkey? You might be obliged to take the Covid-19 PCR Test prior to your departure away from Turkey. Instead of you taking your precious time we bring this service to you, wherever you may be accommodating in Istanbul.

Why you should work with us:

  • We work with hospitals and laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • You may book now and pay later.
  • Approved results at departure.
  • We take the tests from your address by professional nurses and deliver the results to you without going to hospital or laboratory.
  • We take tests on the date and time you specify.
  • We prepare the results in a short period of time.

PCR test is used in the coronavirus treatment and shows the presence of the virus in the person’s body and how the body reacts to the infection. The PCR test is a safe and sensitive test which is also used for different diseases, that can detect even a small number of microbes in the body.

How is PCR Tested?

The PCR test is performed by taking a wipe sample from the nose and throat a thin cotton swab. At the same time the sputum that comes out after coughing can be taken as a sample.

Our partner hospitals

PCR Test Hospital Partners

To make your travel through Turkey safer and keep yourself updated on Turkey’s current status with Covid-19 please download the Ministry of Health’s official mobile-app #HayatEveSığar. Compatible on both iOS and Android.

For more information regarding your flight statuses with Turkish Airlines and tips for safe-travel please click here.



Please specify the time you desire to take the PCR test in the message.