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Drive along the coast of the Aegean Sea towards Pergamum. Pergamum which once was a major selletment in Asia Minor is definitely worth seeing. With it’s Temple, Ancient theatre built on a steep hill and it’s Gymnasium and Asclepion Medical Centre it is a unique site to visit.

During this tour you will visit:

Asclepion – which was the most famous classical medical and therapeutic center in the ancient world. Acropolis – The acropolis rises 1300 feet above the lower city; Serapeum/Red Basilica – originally built as a temple of Serapis, an Egyptian God, which was later transformed into the Red Basilica complex.


Ephesus may be the creme-de-la-creme of the Aegean ruins but Priene, Miletus and Didyma are still important ancient settlements. Priene occupies a dramatic postion overlooking the Meander Valley and plain. Miletus preserves a spectacular theater. And Didyma has a Temple of Apollo vaguely reminiscent of the great temples at Karnak in Egypt. 

During this tour you will visit:

Priene – in its time, one of the most spectacular of all the ancient Ionians cities;

Miletos – with its magnificent Theatre and the Byzantine fortress on the acropolis.

Dydima – the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, one of the largest temples from the Hellenistic Period.


Aphrodisias ancient site the ancient city of Aphrodisias is one of the most important archaeological sites of the late Hellenistic and Roman period in Turkey. It lies in inland Caria in the Meander river basin, 230 kilometers southeast of the port of Izmir (ancient Smyrna). Famous for its sanctuary of Aphrodite, the city’s patron goddess, and for its marble sculptors, Aphrodisias enjoyed a long and prosperous existence from the first century BC to the sixth century AD. Today, many of the city’s ancient monuments remain standing, and excavations have unearthed an unusual number of marble statues and inscriptions, as well as buildings and other artifacts.




Sirince is a beautiful hill town only 8 km (5 miles) east of Selcuk, near Ephesus, in the Aegean hinterland south of Izmir. It’s famous for its olive oil, fruit wines, other natural products, and its charming, restful boutique hotels.