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Scube Diving in Antalya €75

Please note that this is done between April and October.

The Turquoise coast offers fantastic diving destinations. The Aegean Sea, being part of the Mediterranean Ocean, a large variety of marine creatures can be seen including octopus, crayfish, lobster, eels, cuttlefish. If you are lucky when diving it may also be possible to see dolphins, rays and sea turtles. Amongst the flora of the ocean, bright coloured coral can be found with seahorses hiding in the foliage.

Your underwater adventure will begin in the morning with pick up from your hotel after you will be taken to the harbour town of Kemer.

The first of the diving spots is an only 20-minute journey while travelling instructions will be given to those who are diving for the first time. This information is given in their native language. Experienced divers will also receive a brief; however, their information will include dive site choices and upcoming weather that might affect upcoming dives.

After all, information has been given, beginners are taken down in groups of 5. They are taken to a shallow destination to practice. As the day continues there will be photographs and videos with underwater cameras. As you swim in this underwater world you can see schools of fish, eels, cuttlefish, octopus and crayfish. With luck, you can also see dolphins, rays and sea turtles swimming around. Amongst the flora, you may be able to spot wild seahorse hiding.