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Rafting Tour €50


Please note that this tour is only done between April and October.

White river rafting offers a unique way to experience the scenery that natural spring-fed rivers have cut their way through the landscape. Stunning miniature beaches on bends of the river offer calm moments to appreciate the untouched beauty that surrounds.

Along this river has been the crossing point of different cultures, with the Romans building a way to cross that anyone would be able to use to cross these rivers. The second of these bridges were rebuilt during the Seljuk era, utilising the original Roman foundations as a starting point.

Your river rafting adventure starts with pick up from your hotel.

Your white river rafting adventure will see you paddling down the Koprucay River. This river is one of the safest to raft down, however, offers plenty of excitement.

As you tour takes you down the river you will have times to look around an enjoy the scenery and the ancient buildings, including two bridges one fully Roman and one that was rebuilt in during the Seljuk Era. The mountains perfectly frame the river giving a feeling of exploring an area that has been untouched since ancient times.

The rafting experience is a great way to enjoy an active day and stay cool in the summer.

Your adventure day ends with a return to your hotel