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Olympos Cable Car Day Tour €70

A fantastic mountain adventure to the top of Mount Olympos, known as Mount Tahtali in Turkish. Entered through the Beydaglari national park, where nature has been preserved and creates a relaxing ambience before reaching the cable car station.

The journey to the top of the mountain takes approximately 10 minutes and offers fantastic views all year round, from forested mountainsides to snowy slopes in winter. The top of the mountain has a 360-degree viewing platform that offers views of the ocean and the area between Finike and Side. the restaurant at the top offers delightful cuisine with the mountain backdrop making every mouthful unforgettable.

Your mountain adventure begins with a morning transfer to Mount Olympos cable car station.

Your journey will take you through the Beydaglari National park. This nature park offers a wonderful look into the mountainous landscape that Turkey is famous for. Travelling through you will see a nature reserve for the wildlife that is relaxing to experience.

Once at the cable car station you will take a journey to the top of Mount Olympos. The modern comfortable cable cabins take you to the station at the top. These cabins have full 360-degree views of the forested mountainsides. At the top is a viewing terrace that offers views of the area between Finike and Side.

Your mountaintop experience comes to an end with a stunning descending cable car journey and return to your hotel in the afternoon.

Departures are on Wednesdays & Saturdays