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Demre & Myra & Kekova €75

We depart from Antalya in the morning and arrive in Demre to visit the best examples of Lycian tombs at Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas, often referred to as Santa Claus. On the north of the church of Saint Nicholas, the ruins of Myra city and rock tombs can be found on the slope of a mountain. As a member of the Lycian League, Myra played an important role in coin minting. The oldest coins of Myra date to 3rd century BC. On these coins, images of Artemis and local goddesses are visible.

After lunch we hop on a boat and cruise to Kekova Island. The captain will steer the boat past the Sunken City, half of Kekova that sank under the sea after a large earthquake. We will moor in a bay not far from here to snorkel and swim so don’t forget to bring along your bathing suit!
Late afternoon return to Antalya.