About us

Professional Experienced Team

As a well known Tourism Agency, we believe that there should not be any suprises for you whether it be your trips, accommodations or so forth. Our team is extremely dedicated and here to make sure that your are well satisfied throughout your journey.

Luggage Service

In case your luggages become heavy burden, there will be a luggage service offered at no additional cost despite exceeding numbers.

Variety of Meal Options & More

Depending on your preferences such as vegetarian or non-alcoholic the meals and drinks can be readjusted to your demands.

Value for Money

As an agency we believe that our customers should receive as much value for their money as possible in the most optimal, matching their expectations. Our agency ensures that customers receive the appropiate service according to their wishes and the amount paid in advance.

Full Satisfaction

From the very beginning of the tour, you will be informed deeply regarding it and your necessities will be taken care of until the tour concludes. Meaning that your tour will be monitored closely by the staff in every stage in order to give you the best experience possible.

Safe & Secure

Marco Polo Tourism & Travel Agency which is a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) with the licence number 1434, making it the one of the first agencies to operate in Istanbul.

High Quality Service

Having been established in 1987, Marco Polo Tourism offers it's customers a whole range of flexible choices flourished by years of experience especially in terms of budget, custom made itinerary, accommodations, travel destinations, cultural tours and many others.

Private & Custom Made Itineraries

Depending on how complex and difficult your demands may be, our clients are eager to find you the right match in order to arrange your itinerary according to your expressed necessities before hand. Therefore, we offer a broad selection of alternatives to match expectations.

Dear Guest,

Marco Polo Tourism & Travel Agency was first established in 1987, by our founder Nadir Şentürk, and it is still holding its offices in Sultanahmet, right in the heart of the Old Town of Istanbul. Marco Polo Tourism & Travel Agency is a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) with the licence number 1434, making it the one of the first agencies to operate in Istanbul. 

We are very proud of being a part of an established travel agency which has been serving its clients with such professionalism and friendly service since then.

Our staff is dedicated to fulfill and even surpass your expectations regarding your travel needs in Turkey and to make your stay here a very comfortable and unforgettable one.

As Marco Polo, we believe there should be no surprises for you on your tour, and that holiday budgeting should be easy and simple. When you book a tour with us, you have clear information about what is included, and what is not.

As a travel agency, we provide a wide range of services including tailor-made independent travel itineraries, international and domestic flight ticketing.

Our aim is to provide our clients with as much value for money as possible and to ensure that they get the best possible service available.

Our itineraries are flexible, covering a wide variety of personal interests to maximize our client’s satisfaction. Whether you want to travel in an organized group, or on your own, or a little of both, we help you in finding the right mix to suit your needs.

We work in full cooperation with the most respected tourism institutions, hotels, airlines and coach companies all around Turkey to arrange “custom made” tours that serve for a variety of special interests including cultural, religious and adventure tours with hostel to 5-star hotel services.


If you are an international tour operator, looking for a partner in Turkey, look no further! All your ground requirements – from transport, to accommodation, to local guides are safe in our hands. We have a local operation team in each destination – we speak the language, we know the customs, the culture and the laws, and our experience and network of local offices guarantees your clients will get the most out of their time.